The CU House


The CU bird

The Cu Bird lived in a grey house. He sang a beautiful song. But he did not have any feathers. In the winter, he was cold—too cold to sing. 

He visited the Chieftain of his village: the owl. He described his neighbors’s beautful feathers. He asked that each neighbor share one feather with him. The owl agreed and so too did the neighbors. 

In exchange, the Owl asked that the Cu Bird serve as the village messenger. 

The Cu Bird sang all day. He was so pleased with his feathers. He painted his grey house to 

reflect his new plumage. He became so enthralled by the colors that he neglected his duties as messenger. 

The other birds made an uproar. They became so angry that both the Cu Bird and the Owl

retreated to the forest. 

In the forest, they found more colors than they could have imagined. The Cu Bird delivered the news to the village. He shared news of the colors and the spontaneous structures. 

The other birds wanted to see the forest. But a wall separated them from it. Only the Owl and the Cu Bird could fly high enough to clear the wall. 

The Cu Bird fulfilled his duty. He delivered the colors of the forest to the village.

But the forest birds too wanted to see the village.

So the Owl and the Cu Bird created opeings in the wall. Now the foresters are also villagers and the villagers also foresters. 

The two worlds are no longer separate but shared. 

This is the Story of the Cu House: a bridge between two worlds within a world of walls.