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Stories of South Phoenix


By Caleb Santiago Alvarado

South Phoenix is one of the most diverse areas of Phoenix. During its modern development and after the Hohokam, it was developed as a farming town which the canal system was upon and drew inspiration from the ruins from the Hohokam Canals. 

One of these canal systems was the Salt River which located in Central & South Phoenix. Traditional this was one of the few places immigrants & people of color were allowed to live. With that said, my family lived in the Historic but now, demolished Golden Gate Barrio. We were pushed out of South Central Phoenix to make way for Sky Harbor Airport. My parents were given a total of $10,000 and the only place my parents could afford a place to live was in South Phoenix. 

Now South Phoenix is starting to become a hot bed for many people with its proximity to the South Mountain Preserve, beautiful views, a diverse community and cheaper cost. Growing up in South Phoenix, I had to grow up fast and learned quickly that South Phoenix was always looked down upon and there were/ are systematic oppressors that do not want the community to grow or progress but internally and externally. 

For many years, South Phoenix has been disconnected from the rest of Phoenix. It functions as a community itself but it is lacking an abundance of infrastructure to connect it back to the rest of Phoenix. 

Phoenix is a city that completely dependent on the car and all its ideologies. 

In South Phoenix, there is no complete freeway/ highway that connects it to the rest of the city, light rail turns east before it goes down to South Phoenix. Many places on the South Side of Phoenix, do not have sidewalks for its citizens to walk on, not many lights and not many maintained green spaces or parks.

Due to the interested of developers in Phoenix, there is a demand to connect to it now. The city is wanting to bring the light rail down Central Ave, which is a community full of small business owners lined up and down the street. 

Before that can all happen, we must listen to the citizens of South Phoenix. What is needed for their community and how they want to build their community for the future. 

It is time to listen to stories what the people of South Phoenix really need in their community.

These are Stories from South Phoenix.

What does South Phoenix mean to you?
South Phoenix means resilience to me. I have had the pleasure to have family in South Phoenix to take me in, feed me, provide me with stability, provide me autonomy and a place to call home every day. I am referring to both my personal and professional life. I am fortunate to be able to educate up to 150 students as a middle school social studies teacher. I see that despite everything they are going through in their personal life they are proving that we as a people are resilient. They are proving that they can overcome political and social barriers in their way. They are proving that we are raising brilliant people that have limitless potential but we need to continue to prioritize them.
— Reggie C.

South Plaza - Is a community landmark located on Central Ave & Southern Ave.