lonely cities

A Public Demonstration.

No matter what the place, we must be connected. We become isolated, which makes one wither away.

We hunger for connection. Isolation withers us; it is a form of violence.

We need each other. In order to create sustainability, we need each other. Violence in all its forms produces emptiness.

And violence in its many forms feeds the void between us.

We need each other. To create sustainability, to counter violence, to survive, to thrive, we need each other.  

A city/ town/ place, in reality is a collection of memories, buildings & the physical environment around us give us shelter and place.

Place: a city, a town, a bar, a home, is merely a collection of memories, alive and fluid. Our buildings, our physical environment, give us shelter, but we make our shelters into place, through conversation and hands held and meals shared-through promises kept and broken. We make place through connection and exchange.

Let’s connect. Let’s exchange.

We are “think-rad”.

R= Re-Discovery | A= Adaptive | D=Developing (Growth from the Existing)

We are a collective of artists, architects, anthropologists, photographers & cinematographers, and filmmakers. We are looking to tell authentic stories of the existing. We believe that in order to tell a story, we must listen first and grow together with whoever’s story we are telling. This is our public demonstration.

Issue 00001 - Lonely Cities.

We are looking for submissions, stories, drawings, photography, short films, maps, recorded audio of what lonely cities means to you.

Call for submissions: We want your lonely city stories. All mediums encouraged: poetry, prose, visual art, photography, short film, maps, recorded audio. Tell us what lonely cities are to you. Shorten the distance between us.