Don Ruggles's thesis on architecture poses a threat to society. Joanne Ostrow's Is Denver's contemporary architecture killing us? illuminates Ruggles's world view:

1. architecture should all be the same.

2. it is for the elite.

3. people all think the same.

4. human experience is not varied. 

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J. Harley Nalley

New Work: Within an amazing opportunity & exchange with @symbiosisarts, which is, a "collaborative arts company that invigorates imagination with our approach to creation and performance. Our goal is to educate and inspire a wide audience and find new platforms to showcase our collaborative art," this is a story of internal struggle. Sometimes mine as well. //// This short film is about the internal struggle of feminine vs masculine we all face. It's just a matter of listening to the right one. It's a matter of learning vulnerability.

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